AriellePeters- headshot (2)

Arielle Peters is an enthusiastic foodie, self-proclaimed chef, and dedicated food-network watcher working her way into the exciting world of public relations. With a passion for cooking, eating and all things food related Arielle hopes to incorporate this love into her career. As an avid quote collector Arielle believes that ‘ People who love to eat are the always the best people.’ Julia Child

You can follow Arielle on her daily foodie adventures on twitter: 


Robin Ghosh is a man of many words. Unfortunately for him, most of his words are muffled by the sweet sounds of chicken wings, or cake or whatever else he’s eating that day. As an avid instagram-er of food and a passion for cooking which is most of the time a combination of curiosity and a hunger attack, Robin hopes to use his passion for food, photography and all things media to further his goals of world domination, one burger at a time.

You can follow Robin the human food vaccum on Twitter: @RobinEPF

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