7 Numbers

FullSizeRender (61)There are lots of places out there that claim to be authentically Italian. But how many places do you know where there is literally an Italian nonna cooking your meal for you. I’m definitely not an expert in authentically Italian cuisine, but without sounding too much like Guy Fieri, 7 Numbers was “The Real Deal”.

Walking into their Eglinton location, you are greeted to an open style kitchen with chef Rosa front and centre cooking up a delicious Italian storm. The space is small and cozy but still with a distinctly elegant feel.  The menu changes daily, so you know that the ingredients are fresh.



Battered and fried for a savory crispy bite.

FullSizeRender (63)

Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad With Roasted Red Peppers 

When you treat ingredients with integrity, there’s really no reason to fuss with them. Peppery arugula dressed with olive oil and crumbled fresh goat cheese over a whole slice of charred red pepper. This salad let the ingredients speak for themselves.

FullSizeRender (64)


A lot of restaurants make it seem like in order for a dish to be outstanding it must therefore be insanely expensive. Not here. For the amount of food and flavour we got, the price was definitely right.

Veal Lasanga 

This reminded me of the lasagna my grandma makes- there was something about it that made it feel homey and comforting. You can tell the veal had been cooking in the sauce for hours to develop a rich meaty, tomatoy flavour.

FullSizeRender (67)

Lamb Shank 

So I’m just putting this out there- I could never be a vegetarian. There’s just something about eating a piece of meat right off that bone that is an experience in it of itself. This lamb literally fell right off the bone with a touch of a fork. The meat was incredibly tender and packed with hours of slow roasted goodness.

FullSizeRender (66)


Espresso Panna Cotta with Chocolate Gansch 

In my opinion, no meal is complete until you have desert. This velvety and creamy panna cotta topped with a thin layer of rich chocolate ganash and a crisp biscotti for dipping was the perfect sweet way to end an amazing meal.

FullSizeRender (69)

Check them out for yourself!



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