Summerlicious: Cluny Bistro

Summerlicious is one of my fav times of the year. Three course set meals from over 200 Toronto restaurants. The new foodie experiences to be had are endless! This year I kicked off my Summerlicious experience with dinner in the Distillery District’s Cluny Bistro.


Usually I do a little blurb about the restaurant but I think this “recipe” from their website sums up what they’re all about pretty perfectly.



Now onto the food, because their delicious Summerlicious creations need to be talked about.


SPINACH AND BUFFALO RICOTTA SALAD with quinoa, wheat berry, quince dressing


So basically, whenever you see a dish with Buffalo Ricotta on a menu you should probably get it. Bites of this creamy and decadent cheese were sprinkled throughout the salad among fresh spinach leaves and contrasted with a unique textural bite from the quinoa and a delicious sweetness from the quince fruit dressing. Way to start Summerlicious off right!


BRAISED SHORT RIB “BURGER” with celery root remoulade, tomato, thin cut fries

FullSizeRender (3)

You’re probably thinking, “oh a burger, how interesting can that be?” Think again! I’m just going to come right out and say it, this might have been the all time best burger of life. What made it special was the braised short rib patty that they created. You could tell this meat had been basting and roasting for hours, to the point where it just fell right off the bone. Combine that, with an insanely fluffy bun, fresh tomato to cut all that richness and you’re not so typical topping of a French style celery root mayonnaise, and you get one bite of awesomness.


FRENCH APRICOT GALETTE  with yuzu caramel and black sesame ice cream


This was a really intriguing dessert. A galette is a typical French thin flaky pastry, but this was no typical French dessert. They spun this classic it’s head by incorporating Asian flavours like a black sesame ice cream, and yuzu ( citrus style fruit from East Asia). These mash of cultures came together to make a dessert with a perfect balance of flavours with the sweet apricotes, citrusy caramel, somewhat savoury ice cream and textures ranging from smooth and crunchy to hot and cold.

Here’s a quick look at Cluny’s stunning space and some more delicious food that was eaten:


Check out Cluny for yourself and have your own French bistro experience:, @clunydistillery

Take a look at all the Summerlicious offerings to get your eat on this summer

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