Pizza Libretto


Attention pizza lovers everywhere! I hereby declare Pizza Libretto a must try pizza spot in Toronto. With their three downtown locations, Pizza Libretto aims to be loyal to what real pizza is. They use smart and simple ingredients for all star pizza results.

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The Vibe

After several attempts at making a reservation at this pizza hotspot and hearing endless buzz from foodies everywhere we were incredibly excited to tryout their Danforth location. They describe the atmosphere as ‘bright, busy, fun, loud and homey’- all very accurate. Their space consists of a bustling upper and lower level consistently packed with people. The central focus of the space is the eye catching open concept kitchen and pizza oven.

The Food

Starting from the range of signature cocktails to their, authentic to their pizzas and amazing service, Pizza Libertto has it all.  These pizza aficionados pride themselves on their authentic Neapolitan pizzas and have even gone as far as to define the characteristics of this classic style pizza and explain how they fit the criteria. Just in case you didn’t think they were serious about their authenticity, Pizza Libretto has been certified to make Verace Pizza Napoletana (“true Neapolitan pizza“)  using the guidelines set out by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association and as set out by the Italian Government and the European Union.

The Dish

We began our delightful pizza experience with a vibrant and outgoing waiter who took the time to give us his ultimate pizza suggestions and even let us sample of four of their beers before deciding which one we wanted.

For the appetizer we started off with arancini , traditional Italian risotto balls filled with basil pesto, bufala mozzarella, peperonata, tomato and fried for a delicious crunchy exterior 

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Moving onto the main event!

First up was their grilled eggplant pizza

In my eyes, the base of all good pizza is the dough, and boy was this dough every amazing. The thin crust and soft and chewy texture is the perfect platform for the simple toppings. This pizza was topped with crushed tomato, basil, and ricotta salata.

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Next was their house-made sausage pizza topped with caramelized onion, and mozzarella. You could taste the time and care that was put into the house made sausage and paired with the cheesy mozzarella and the sweetness from the onions, this was pizza perfection. 

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For your more than average slice, head to Pizza Libretto for your own life changing pizza experience!




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