La Carnita

photo 1 (30)

Exciting. Trendy. Unique. Eclectic. Delicious.

These are all words I would use to articulate my experience at La Carnita, a Bathurst and College hot-spot that serves up their own interpretation of Mexican food.

‘Street art. Street food. Street sounds’ is how they describe themselves.

The Vibe

Without even a named sign to identify itself on the outside, La Carinta is a previously hidden gem that has been exposed to the masses. The place is crowded and buzzing with energy during dinner time with loud music playing, street art covering the walls and delicious eats and drinks being busted out from the kitchen.

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photo 4 (24)

The Food 

La Carnita has a relatively small menu but each item is perfected to a tee. Their menu is economical to say the least, with no taco costing more than $4.75, allowing for great sharing options and the ability to get a little taste of everything.

photo 5 (21)

The Dish

Mexican Street Corn

photo 3 (27)

Anyone who has heard of La Carnita has probably heard of their street corn. Whenever I mentioned to friends that I was heading here for dinner they said it was a must try. And I would have to agree!

The corn is roasted and topped with crema (the Mexican version of sour creme), queso anejo ( a firm, aged Mexican cheese that is rolled in paprika) , and  arbol and ancho chili powder

Creamy, spicy, and sweet all in one bite.

Pollo Frito Tacos

photo 1 (32)

These were not the neatest food to eat but they did pack a powerful flavour punch.

photo 2 (29)

Filled with crispy chicken, a spicy honey peanut sauce, and topped with fresh crunchy green cabbage and salsa fresca


photo 3 (29)

What could be bad about fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Nothing, that’s what!

Except maybe if you added some of La Carinat’s ‘Cajeta’ –  which is their own Mexican caramel sauce creation made from sweetened condensed milk, brandy and some other secret ingredients

Tres Leche Cake

photo 1 (33)

This light and airy cake was intertwined with layers of fresh strawberries and a drizzle chocolate sauce to top it all off.

photo 2 (30)


Head to La Carnita for your Mexican street food experience!


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