A Penne In Review: July 2014

Foodie we made it!

Now that I’ve poorly repurposed a Drake lyric (sorry Drizzy), let’s just talk briefly about this month.

This was our second month of activity as a blog, and for you sci-fi foodies out there, the “Empire Strikes Back” of food blog activity.

If you get that reference, all the love for you.

We started the month a bit late due to our personal and work lives taking over, but still managed to get a lot of content out there.

We’re entering our final month of summer (cries hysterically) which will mean an increased number of barbecue’s, dinner dates and raiding the fridge for Netflix marathons.

But before August begins, here is a look back at our past month of foodie adventuring.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies – July 10, 2014

photo 1 (15)

Dr. Laffa – July 14, 2014

photo 1 (7)

Home Made Dumplings (Momo’s) – July 17, 2014


Bent Restaurant – July 20, 2014

photo 3 (17)

Cirtus Sangria – July 25, 2014

photo 2 (16)

Taste of Toronto – July 28, 2014

photo 2 (21)

A big thank you to all of us who have been following our hunger induced  adventures this past month!

BONUS ROUND – Hungry hungry pictures

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