Bent Restaurant

Summerlicious, a time that brings foodies together for 17 days of delicious eats at restaurants across Toronto.

I got a chance to check out Bent, one of internationally acclaimed chef, Susur Lee’s family of restaurants. It was an exciting foodie experience to say the least.

photo 5 (10)

The Vibe

Located in an unassuming spot at Dundas and Bathurst, Bent showcases a light and fresh dining space with touches of whimsy and character from their classroom style chairs and fun artwork and decor.

photo 5 (11)

photo 2 (18)

I loved their open style prep area and classic white tiles.

photo 4 (14)

The Food

With Susur Lee being a highly acclaimed Canadian chef, appearing as a resident judge on Chopped Canada, guest judging on several episodes of Top Chef and competing in Iron Chef America, I was impressed to learn that he still visits the restaurant almost every day to check on the menu and oversee tastings.

This care and attention to detail definitely came through in the food that we ate.

The Dish

For the appetizer I chose the Cajun Shrimp & Vegetable Fritter that was topped with a smoked tomato corn salsa, sitting on a tomatillo & avocado coulis.

photo 1 (17)

Although every part of the meal was delicious I would have to say that this was one of the highlights. The fritter was a perfect balance of fluffy and crunchy with lots of well balanced flavours coming from the spicy tomatillo sauce and sweet and smoky corn salsa.

Moving onto the main I went with the Asian Marinated Striploin Steak, cooked to absolute perfection and sliced through like butter which came with a braised beef agnolotti ( which was almost like a cross between a dumpling and a meat pie).

photo 3 (16)

And last but certainly not least was dessert. Best part of this was getting a trio of scrumptious bites and note having to choose!

photo (7)

Another one of my favourite parts of the entire meal was the Banana and  Jackfruit spring roll with a rum caramel sauce ( which I would have probably licked off the plate if I could!)

Then was the Mango Pana Cotta that had a perfect creamy texture and a burst of true mango flavour. And last was the coconut chocolate mouse.

This was definitely one of my favourite Summerlicious spots – getting great value, service and some unique and flavourful eats

photo (8)


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