Behind the Scenes: Toronto Underground Market

With June’s Toronto Underground Market (TUM) event coming up I’d like to reminisce over May’s amazing event that I got a chance to volunteer at.

The Toronto Underground Market is a food market that acts as a platform for food entrepreneurs, chef’s and home cooks to gain exposure from an eager foodie community.

TUM collage

May TUM showcased a wide variety of food vendors, food trucks and upcoming hot spots in the Toronto food scene, exposing attendees to a wide range of cuisines to try and new flavours to experience .

Here’s some of of the food I got to try:

Babi and Co

This Indonesian Street Food pop-up vendor puts a modern twist on some traditional Indonesian street food classics.

photo 2 (2)

photo 4 (1)

Dishes from left to right:

‘Mami’s Sate Babi’ – Pork Satay with pickled cucumbers, ‘ Babi on a Bun’- Braised pork belly on a fried bun, ‘Tahu Goreng’- veggie stuffed fried tofu with Indonesian salsa, ‘Mie Udang’ – shrimp and pork noodles

All four of these dishes were mouthwatering but the stand out for me was the ‘Tahu Goreng’. This deep fried ball of goodness with an addictive peanut sauce to top it off was an item that everyone at the event was buzzing about, claiming it as a must try dish of the day.

Check out more of their delicious dishes.

Stoke Stack BBQ

This authentic BBQ joint has mastered true low and slow barbecue through their tours of the Texas barbecue belt. The line up for Stock Stack BBQ was one of the longest but the food that we got in return was most definitely worth the wait. The beef brisket that they served up was Beef Brisket melt in your mouth, fall off the bone delicious!

photo 1 (3)

Find out more from these BBQ guru’s. 

Tilde Taco 

Coming soon to a location on the Danforth, Tilde Taco serves up a contemporary take on taco’s with creative, bold and colourful flavour combinations.

photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (3)

Check them out! 

TUM events are a haven for budding foodies and an exciting opportunity to get exposed to up and coming leaders in the Toronto food community.

UPDATE: Experience TUM for yourself on Saturday July 12 at their new home this year, 99 Sudbury.

Since the summer is here and looking all beautiful outside, this venue will allow for both an indoor & outdoor areas for you to enjoy the TUM experience.

For more on TUM, click this sentence! 

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