Crave TO

15 food vendors + 5 Toronto craft beers + 3 unique DJ’s = Summer Foodie Event #CraveTO



CraveTO hosts a series of events that celebrate Toronto’s premier craft beer and street food creators all to the sound of Toronto DJ’s. May’s pop up style event at the Artscape Wychwood Barns did not disappoint.

In order to tackle such a huge event without breaking our budgets, we decided to each pick a few vendors of our choosing and then split everything so we both get an idea of what everyone had to offer.

Our first minute into CraveTO, we could already tell the event was channelling the essence of a perfect summer day: a huge variety of food, great music provided by the resident DJ’s at the event and thankfully, a perfect sunny day.

Now enough with the introductions, here are some of the food we got to try!


First up is our resident Food Network aficionado, Arielle!

Food Dudes 

This food truck serves up typical street food style dishes with uniquely perfected flavour combinations that hit all the marks on texture and taste.

The Dish: “Captain Crunch Fish Tacos” with guacamole, lime spiked slaw, smoked sour cream, FD hot sauce, scallions, tomato


These were some of the crispiest taco’s I’ve ever eaten. With the addition of the cooling guacamole, spicy hot sauce and smoky source cream, these taco’s showcased a perfect bite!

Check out the rest of their mouth watering menu at their official website:

The  Saucy Peirogi

The Saucy Pierogi’s pop-up team brings modern pierogies made of the highest quality ingredients to the streets of Toronto.


The Dish: ” The Gravy Train” filled with braised beef, served with gravy, garnished with parsley and a crunchy pickle.


These are not your every day run of the mill peirogi’s, The Saucy Peirogi serves up wacky and new flavour combinations for a typically traditional style food item. (Not to mention their wonderfully humble street team giving us thorough descriptions of all the menu options)

Check them out!

The Goods 


With all the heavy, decadent food that we ate at CraveTO it was great to run into a healthy option that our bodies actually felt good about eating. The Goods love spreading the word about the benefits of whole raw food and showcased it through their clean, light (yet still flavourful) eats!

The Dish: “The King Noodle Bowl” with red quinoa, noodled carrots and zucchini, cabbage, kelp, peptitas and greens, served with ginger garlic sauce


Find out more on their healthy eats:

The next set of vendors were tackled by our resident food vaccum, Robin!

Alberts Real Jamaican Foods

If you know me on a personal level, you know I have a deep addiction to all Jamaican food, especially those delicious patties.

If you don’t know me personally, and since this is the first post of our blog, you may as well know now rather than later.

I really like patties.


Lo and behold, the beef patty from Alberts were in my hand ready to be consumed. Taking this one picture below felt like an eternity: an eternity between me and my patty.

The Dish: Their “Beef Patty” may have been one of the most flakey, succulent patties I’ve had in years. The simple beef patty with a flakey outer layer and gooey beef filling was perfectly seasoned and balanced spice and flavour perfectly.


If you’re hankering for a fresh patty, check them out!

Asada Mexican Grill

After digesting all the food we had that day, you would think we would slow down just a little bit.

Normally that would be true, but unfortunately/fortunately for us the lure of the Asada Mexican Grill proved too strong to ignore.


The Dish: The “Mini Burritos” were a winning combination because lets face it: two burritos are always better than one.

But don’t let their size full you, each was packed to the brim with delicious chorizo or pulled pork depending on if you wanted to try each (which we did).

The burritos were then layered with a mix of tomatoes, salsa, green onions and various sauces that all combined into a light and fresh taste over the meaty burritos.



For more on their glorious burritos and so much more, check them out!

Pizzeria Libretto

Approaching the brink of our stomachs exploding, we knew we had to start wrapping up. For the sake of our stomachs.

Then in the distance, we noticed a huge lineup: a lineup so long we had to change  our angle just to see who the vendor was.


Pizzeria Libretto: a rustic italian vendor setup camp to show off from what we could see, only one item for purchase.

At first this was a bit strange. Why would a vendor only have one item to show case? And could it really be that special to have such a huge lineup?

The answer is: yes, it is a very special item.


The Dish: Introducing, the “Deep fried pizza”, this miniature decadent dish won our hearts and what little space we had left in our stomachs.

This decadent deep fried dough might have been some of the freshest tasting dough we have ever had in our mortal foodie lives. The toppings were also very delicious but the easy standout was the deep fried dough.


For more on Pizzeria Libretto, check them out!

The day for us was wrapping up: two hours into this event we had covered nearly half of the incredible vendors present at CraveTO.

But we could not leave without having some dessert to cool us down on this hot, sunny day.

Sweet Sammies

Thank you, Sweet Sammies for being the perfect way to end CraveTO.

Not only was her vending cart a quaint throwback to retro ice-cream carts, it was also the source of something very special.


Look at the picture under this text and then look back. Your eyes do not deceive you, that does indeed say “Beer ice cream + choc chip cookies”.

The baking gods found a way to combine beer, ice-cream and chocolate chip cookies into one, beautiful package.


The Dish: Just look at that beauty. The “Beer and ice-cream chocolate chip cookies” sandwich was the greatest kind of sandwich. You really cannot go wrong with such a combination of ingredients.

Not only did it taste great, it was the perfect way to end our journey at CraveTO.


CraveTO was officially over, for us anyway since the event went up to 10 at night. We had an amazing time at the event and a part of that is thanks to the extremely friendly and cheery volunteer team.

This is officially our first event review; our first post; and our official launch of A Penne for your thought.


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